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The Colosseum

Bonitas non est Pessimis esse Meliorem

31 May
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I'm a shy carbon-based organism who is trying to lessen my ignorance concerning pretty much every aspect of my newly minted adult life. I like syntax, diction, a good quote, people's small, uncontrollable tics and mannerisms, the UK, Galapagos island iguanas, rumination and analysis, Italian sodas, Lord of the Rings, debate, the giddy hysteria of any given fandom, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and the almost other-worldly beauty of nature.
(banjo, a wild sheep chase, adaptation, almost famous, american beauty, ancient civilizations, ancient roman history, angels in america, anthropology, archery, arrested development, art history, assuming dictatorships over playgrounds, astronomy, bach, being john malkovich, belle and sebastian, big bang theory, billie holiday, bobby darin, bowie, brahms, brick, brokeback mountain., call of the wild, carol king, cat stevens, chaplin, chopin, comic books, curb, dead poet's society, death cab, debussy, delicatessen, devandra barnhart, devotchka, discovery channel, django reinhardt, dreams, drums, duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, elo, eternal sunshine, everything is illuminated, exploring, extras, fathers and sons, fencing, franny and zooey, freaks and geeks, ghost world, good night\good luck, graphic novels, greek and roman mythology, happy go lucky, harold and maude, hayden., hedwig, history channel, history of comic books, howl's moving castle, introversion., janis joplin, juggling, latin, learning to play instruments, leaves of grass, lebron, life is beautiful, listening to music, lolita, lost in translation, louis armstrong, martial arts, milk, mozart, nico, oblivion, on the road., oragami, ordinary people, pbs, people watching, photography, pink floyd, playing the violin, politics, port 'o brien, punch drunk love, qaf, queen, reading, regina spektor, rushmore, salinger's nine stories, schubert, schumman, scott joplin, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes mysteries, simon and garfunkel, sinatra, sitar, sitting under bridges, six feet under, sputnick sweetheart, stones, sufjan stevens, superheroes, t-rex, the age of innocence, the arcade fire, the beauty of nature, the clash, the consumption of cheese, the dead milkmen, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the gita, the godfather, the kinks, the little prince, the new pornographers, the office, the pixies, the proclaimers, the ramones, the rat pack, the razor's edge, the science of sleep, the shins, the smiths, the velvet underground, the violent femmes, the walkmen, the well of loneliness, the white stripes, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, traveling via greyhound, twelve angry men, ukulele), very far\ anywhere else, weezer, wicked, writing, zeppelin